2018 Championship Weekend Reminder

As we prepare the bracket seeding for the Championship Weekend, we want to remind everyone that some divisions will have teams move down to a lower division. 6uD1, 8uD1 and 10uD1 will all have two (2) teams drop down to D2. Those teams will be placed as the 3rd and 4th seed in D2. 12uD1 will have one (1) team drop down to D2. That team will be placed as the 3rd seed in D2.

Our plan is to finalize pool game results by Monday and fill the brackets with team names on Tuesday.

2018 Centex Classic Series Pictures and Videos

Do you have pictures and videos from your games? Do you have Facebook?

If you do, we'd love to have you share them with us via our events pages.

An administrator will have to approve your post, so you won't see it on thes site right away, but if you are at T&C this weekend, post here. And if you are at GYBA, post here.

Post your pictures and videos from tonight's opening ceremonies here.

2018 Centex Classic Series Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies for the 2018 Centex Classic Series will be held tonight (Saturday, June 2) at the Dell Diamond.

Gates open around 5:30 pm and teams are instructed to gather under the large scoreboard in left field by 5:45 pm. The parade will start around 6:00 pm based on the Round Rock Express schedule.

2018 Centex Classic Series Rules Updated

The 2018 edition of the Centex Classic Series rules has been updated. Please download the latest version.

2018 Centex Classic Series

The 2018 edition of the Centex Classic Series is about to get underway!

Tonight, Wednesday, May 23, at 6:30 pm is the Managers' Meeting where teams will learn their spot in their respective pools.

If you don't have your team registration form, download it and bring it with you to the meeting.

Please remember only two representatives per team at the meeting.

Additional information about the series can be found by reading through this information sheet.

About the Centex Classic Series

The Centex Classic Series is a series for baseball tournaments created especially to provide All Star Style tournament play to recreational level youth baseball players in the central Texas Area.

Recognizing that there was no real option for the large majority of recreational level baseball players who wanted to play summer All Star style baseball. Sixteen years ago a group of volunteers decided to create a system of tournaments that would provide just such an experience for the youth of Central Texas.

From its humble beginnings in 2000 where a few teams from 4 local associations competed, organized and run by an all volunteer committee and all volunteer coaches, it has grown to the point where this year some 70+ teams from all of the central Texas area will come to compete and enjoy the game of baseball.

See a mistake?

If you see incorrect information or require information that has not yet been updated, please contact your league's Centex committiee representitive.