2024 Closing Ceremonies

Teams that won a ring in any division are invited to the Closing Ceremonies for the 2024 Centex Classic Series to be held Saturday, June 29, prior to the Express game at the Dell Diamond.

Just like at the beginning of the Series, a parade will be held starting around 5 pm where the ring winners will walk the field. Game time is at 6:15 pm and there is a bobblehead give away planned so plan accordingly.

Coaches of the winning teams will be contacted today or tomorrow with tickets for the team. Extra tickets for family members can be purchased at a discount through the RR Express website. If the link doesn't pre-populate the coupon code CENTEX, that code can be manually entered on the site.

2024 CenTex Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies for the 2024 CenTex Classic Series will start shortly after 6 pm on Friday, May 31 at the Dell Diamond. Tickets for the players have been emailed to the coaches. If your coach hasn't received an email with the tickets, please contact your league representitive.

If you need extra tickets, they can be purchased at a discount through the Round Rock Express using the code CENTEX. Visit thier event web site to make the purchase.

2024 CenTex Rules

The 2024 CenTex Rules are available to download.

This version is will be updated with the Centex Cup points at a later date.

2024 CenTex Team Registration Form

In preparation for tonight's manager's meeting, please bring your team registration form signed by both the manager and your league representitive.

The manager's meeting will take place tonight (Wednesday, May 22) at the Baca Center starting at 6:30 pm.

2024 CenTex Team Formation Rules

Rules regarding how to form teams for the 2024 CenTex Classic Series can now be downloaded. If there are any questions regarding the rules, please work them through your league representitive.

2024 CenTex Dates and Locations

Important dates and locations for the 2024 CenTex Classic Series:

Event Location Date/Time
Manager's Meeting Baca Center May 22, 6:30-8:00 pm
Open Ceremonies Dell Diamond May 31
Week One (Pool) GYBA/T&C/Leander (overflow) June 1-2
Week Two (Pool) RRBL/CPYL/(no overflow) June 8-9
Week Three (Pool) Oak Hill/Manchaca/San Marcos (overflow) June 15-16
Week Four (Bracket) RRBL June 21-23

About the Centex Classic Series

The Centex Classic Series is a series for baseball tournaments created especially to provide All Star Style tournament play to recreational level youth baseball players in the central Texas Area.

Recognizing that there was no real option for the large majority of recreational level baseball players who wanted to play summer All Star style baseball. Sixteen years ago a group of volunteers decided to create a system of tournaments that would provide just such an experience for the youth of Central Texas.

From its humble beginnings in 2000 where a few teams from 4 local associations competed, organized and run by an all volunteer committee and all volunteer coaches, it has grown to the point where this year some 70+ teams from all of the central Texas area will come to compete and enjoy the game of baseball.

See a mistake?

If you see incorrect information or require information that has not yet been updated, please contact your league's Centex committiee representitive.