Closing Ceremonies

On Sunday, July 9, the Round Rock Express will open their gates at 4:45 pm allowing Centex teams that earned a trophy (1st-, 2nd- or 3rd-place in ever division) to gather for the Closing Ceremonies parade, which will begin around 5 pm.

Centex Committee members will be outside the home plate entrance of the Dell Diamond with tickets for each team. All 24 tickets will be handed out, together, to one team representative. Committee members will not hold tickets or give them out individually.

Round Rock Express Summer Camps

Please consider the Round Rock Express Summer Camps as part of your plans after Centex.

About the Centex Classic Series

The Centex Classic Series is a series for baseball tournaments created especially to provide All Star Style tournament play to recreational level youth baseball players in the central Texas Area.

Recognizing that there was no real option for the large majority of recreational level baseball players who wanted to play summer All Star style baseball. Sixteen years ago a group of volunteers decided to create a system of tournaments that would provide just such an experience for the youth of Central Texas.

From its humble beginnings in 2000 where a few teams from 4 local associations competed, organized and run by an all volunteer committee and all volunteer coaches, it has grown to the point where this year some 70+ teams from all of the central Texas area will come to compete and enjoy the game of baseball.

See a mistake?

If you see incorrect information or require information that has not yet been updated, please contact your league's Centex committiee representitive.